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iRO Color Correction Lenses

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Contrary to traditional belief there is now a treatment for Colourblindness.

Colourblindness can not be cured, however with iRo Lenses it can be treated. There have been a number of treatments available for those with Colourblindness. Most have worked to a certain degree. After over 10 years of research optometrist Ian Rosser has developed a lens with world renown lens manufacturers with special coatings and tints that treat 99% of all those afflicted with Colourblindness.

Pass the Ishihara Test

iRo lenses are specifically designed to assist those who have difficulty in distinguishing certain colours, especially reds and greens. These people are often referred to as being “colourblind”. The more accurate term is “colour confused”, or what we have termed “iRochromatic”.

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