Contact Lenses

Information on Contact lenses

Contact lenses are a fantastic alternative to wearing glasses. Some people want contacts for sport, hobbies, special occasions, going out or just to avoid the hassle of glasses. We have access to a wide range of contact lens options, brands and materials with a solution for every eye.

Do you wear multifocals of bifocals? Did you know that you can have this reading prescription incorporated into your contact lenses? Many people think that contact lenses are only good for distance vision but there are fantastic new technologies that allow you to regain your reading skills while maintaining clear distance vision. All without the need for glasses.

Children are often quite tough on their glasses and they can be impractical for many sports and hobbies. In many cases children can wear contact lenses at a lot younger age than their parents might expect.

If you have any questions about contact lenses and how well they would work for you, than book an appointment and we can discuss your options.